The Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019

For the fifth time, Bergen has once again been chosen as the official host port for The Tall Ships Races. From the 21st – 24th July 2019, the city will be filled with the largest and most beautiful sailing ships in the world.  

 We have a long tradition of hosting international and public events. This experience has given the city a good reputation as a host city. The warm and friendly atmosphere, hospitality and enthusiasm, combined with beautiful surroundings, make it special for sailing ships to come to Bergen. 


Trade, coastal culture and shipping traditions are an important part of the city’s identity. Bergen harbor is both local, regional, national and international. The port has been one of the country’s most important identities, and is today among Europe’s largest, and is the base for the country’s shipping and fishing cluster.  

The sea is central to solving global challenges in food, climate, health and energy. This makes marine research, marine resources and marine industries one of the most important priority areas of our time. Bergen Harbour’s main task is to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly maritime transport, in line with The Tall Ships Races’ vision. Bergen is, after all, Norway’s maritime capital.  

In 2014, 500,000 passionate, enthusiastic and patriotic people enjoyed the Tall Ships Races in Bergen. Diligence and unity are fitting words to describe the people of the city between the seven mountains. Through our rich history, we know the value of helping each other and working together to achieve great things. 

With the largest and most beautiful sailing ships in the world on the docks and our glorious nature as a backdrop, over four summer days we will shed light on important topics such as togetherness, environment and tolerance. Local delights, captivating cultural insights, activities and magnificent music will characterize our city. Our cobbled streets will be adorned with parades and adventures in outstanding mountain style. From morning to evening we will seduce both visitors and the magnificent ships with our own Statsraad Lehmkuhl. We, the people of Bergen, are going to make each other good and hand in hand, we will create a people party that you will not forget. 


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