The Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019

For the fifth time, Bergen has once again been chosen as the official host port for The Tall Ships Races. From the 21st – 24th July 2019, the city will be filled with the largest and most beautiful sailing ships in the world. We have a long tradition of hosting international and public events. This experience has given the city a good reputation as a host city. The warm and friendly atmosphere, hospitality and enthusiasm, combined with beautiful surroundings, make it special for sailing ships to come to Bergen.   

Important organizations    

Sail Training International 
// The Tall Ships Races is organized by Sail Training International (STI). The goal of the organization is to motivate, develop, and educate youth aged 15-25 through sail training aboard the ships – regardless of nationality, religion and social background. In the link below you will find more information about STI and their work. Go to “Sail On Board” if you are interested in information about the regatta, host ports or how to become a part of The Tall Ships Races.   

Norwegian Sail Training Association  // Another important organization for The Tall Ships Races Bergen is the Norwegian Sail Training Association. They provide sail training for the Norwegian youth and contribute with scholarships to those who want to become a sail trainee in the regatta. 

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