Be an Exhibitor

The Market Place is an important addition to the festivities during The Tall Ships Races in Bergen.

In assessing the application, emphasis is placed on your product or activity maintaining a quality that contributes positively to the event. One of our focus areas during the festival is environment and sustainability. As an exhibitor, you are committed to help us maintain this focus before, during, and after event. This includes use of eco-friendly crockery and reduced use of flyers and disposable items.

During Tall Ships Races 2019 we will have three main areas for the Marketplace:

Festningskaien: Area with a large stage, food trucks, food court and market stalls.

Koengen: Festival area with main stage, food trucks, activities, carousels and market stalls.

Holbergskaien: Large sitting area with food and market stalls, in addition to carousels and children-friendly activities.

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