Practical information


For more information about closed roads and detours, go to Bergen Kommunes website.


Vågen will be closed for private boats from Friday 19th of July at 16:00 until Wednesday 24th of July at 18:00. Feel free to use Marineholmen guestport.

Boat owners are welcome to join the beautiful arrival of the ships in the city fjord from Strusshamn. The arrival will take place in Vågen Sunday 21st of July at 10:00-14:00. Only the participating tall ships will be able to enter Vågen.


Busses and Bybanen
Plan your trip on regional and city busses and Bybanen. Press the link or download the Skyss app for tickets.

Transfer from the airport
You can use the airport buss Flybussen or Bybanen from Bergen Lufthavn.

Tourist Information
Visit Bergen
Address: Strandkaien 3, 5808 Bergen

Bergen Taxi
Tel: + 47 55 99 70 00

Emergency contacts

Emergency numbers 
Fire: 110
Police: 112
Medical: 113

Police station
Address: Allehelgens gate 6, 5016 Bergen
Tel: +47 55 55 63 00

Emergency ward
Address: Solheimsgaten 9, 5058 Bergen.
Tel: +47 116 117

There are a few dentists that offer emergency dentist services in Bergen. e.g.
Address: Dreggsallmenningen 10-12, 5003 Bergen
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 07.30 – 15.30
Tel: +47 55 31 72 10

Emergency abuse / sexual violence report helpline
Ring the following number if you have experienced violence or witnessing violence or sexual abuse.
Urgent: 112
Not urgent: +47 55 55 63 00

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